Camilla celebrates the 125th anniversary of Britain’s oldest hospice

The Duchess of Cornwall yesterday unveiled a plaque commemorating the 125th anniversary of Britain’s oldest hospice.

HRH Camilla Parker Bowles, who has been a patron of the Royal Trinity Hospice in Clapham for over 10 years, met with staff and patients while touring the hospice’s ‘uplifting’ grounds and facilities.

The Royal Trinity Hospice also marked the occasion by announcing a fundraising drive which it hopes will raise £3.5 million for a new facility north of the Thames. In order to offer free, end-of-life care to the 750,000 people who require it, the Royal Trinity wants to open an innovative new centre to provide new services for patients suffering from ‘progressive and life-limiting illnesses.’

Primarily the centre will enable patients in the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster, to more easily access the facilities and therapies which they struggle to reach in South London.

While visiting the Art therapy room, the Duchess congratulated Outpatient, Peter Copeman, on his watercolour of an Italian landscape.

Copeman, who is known for his good humour, replied by joking with Camilla about Prince Charles’ artistic ability – after he was recently discovered to be one of Britain’s most profitable painters. When asked if Charles had ever painted her, Camila replied: “No, he isn’t very good at people”.

The Royal Trinity Hospice grounds and location make it a peaceful haven on the northern edge of Clapham Common, the perfect place for patients to spend time with their families and make use of facilities and treatments they urgently require. Eunice, a Healthcare Assistant working on the 28-bed Inpatient ward, called the hospice an “oasis of calm”.

After meeting with some of the hospices’ inpatients – many of whom are entirely bed-bound – Camilla finished her trip by unveiling a plaque commemorating the 125th Anniversary.

Before leaving the Duchess spoke warmly about the Royal Trinity hospice as an ‘uplifting place’ which seemingly ‘goes from strength to strength’. Rubén, 6, who is the grandson of a patient at the facility then handed her a bunch of flowers which the Duchess said she was ‘honoured’ to receive.



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