Bring Piccadilly line to Chiswick sooner

Turnham Green residents were today joined by Lib Dem mayoral candidate, Caroline Pidgeon, as they campaigned to have Piccadilly line services stop at the station throughout the day.

Local Lib Dem party activists and have joined forces with the long-standing local campaign to extend the Piccadilly line to Turnham Green. District line trains run throughout the day, however, currently, the Piccadilly line only operates night services to the station.

While TfL has previously indicated that they will be extending the Piccadilly schedule to provide trains throughout the day, however, the necessary signalling works are not due for completion until 2025.

During the successful campaign to bring all day trains to Turnham Green, the safety of the existing schedule was called “potentially very dangerous” by local forums. During the day Piccadilly line trains don’t stop but do pass through it at speed, leading to concerns that rush hour congestion and narrow platforms could result in serious accidents.

Caroline Pidgeon said that according to “the latest information” she has received, “Transport for London won’t even start the signalling upgrade until 2022 and it won’t be complete until 2025.”

“Residents can’t wait another 9 years” she added in support of local Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners.

Ruth Cadbury, MP for Bretford and Isleworth, said that she has “been supporting the campaign for years” and has even personally collected signatures. “However, it is unfortunate” she added, “that this will take years to become a reality.”

A TfL spokesperson responded with a statement saying:

“We’ll be stopping the Piccadilly line’s trains at Turnham Green all day once the line is modernised with new trains and signalling as part of the New Tube fro London programme.”

“We still expect to introduce new trains on the Piccadilly line from the early 2020s, completing the signalling modernisation in the mid-2020s.”

They added that in the meantime passengers at the station have “benefited from brand new air-conditioned trains on the District line.”

Campaigners have created a petition which can be signed online calling for members of the public to help “bring forward the signalling works required” to bring the Piccadilly line to Chiswick permanently.


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