EU Presidential concert in Cadogan Hall

From the second half of 2017, the United Kingdom will take its rotation as the President of the Council of the EU.


By July 2017, when the UK is set to take over as the EU Council President, the outcome of our national referendum may well have already decided that we will no longer be a part of the EU. As it will take 2 years for the UK to leave Europe, our next presidency of the EU could well be our last.

The EU Council President is selected in rotations which are shared by member states who work together in groups of three, called ‘trios’. Introduced in 2009 under the Lisbon Treaty, trios work together to decide which major issues they wish to address, before creating more specific plans under their own tenure.

The UK will be working alongside Estonia, and Bulgaria with each taking a 6 month share of the 18 month presidency. The current EU Council Presidential trio is Netherlands, Slovakia and Malta.

To celebrate the shared Presidency between the UK, Estonia, and Bulgaria, a series of events starting in May 2016 will bring the member states closer together, starting with a gala concert hosted by the world famous Cadogan Hall.

Organised by the Bulgarian Cultural Institute, a “unique” cultural event will “gather 78 world-class Bulgarian and English musicians” including the The London Chamber Orchestra (LCO).

Conducted by Ivan Yanakov the LCO will be joined by the London Bulgarian Choir with 70% English-speaking singers, The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, Theodosii Spasov, The Four pianists: Angel Zaberski, George Cherkin, Zhivko Petrov and Ivan Yanakov and jazzmen Boris Taslev and Dimitar Semov.

The program for the evening has been selected by Bulgarian Cultural Institute London so as to give an “aesthetic mix of classical music and traditional Bulgarian folklore, jazz and ethno jazz.”

A spokesperson at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute London said: “We are proud that the prestigious London concert venue Cadogan Hall will be a platform to Bulgarian works to be heard in performance by English musicians.”

The Bulgarian Cultural Institute London hopes that the gala will “contribute to the deepening of cultural relations between Bulgaria and the United Kingdom” and aid in the partnership of the two countries will during their presidential trio.

Until 2018, when Bulgaria will become the President of the Council of the European Union, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London will be organizing several large-scale events promoting Bulgarian culture and traditions for Londoners to explore and enjoy.


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