Watch Netflix on British Airways flights

British Airways (BA) have announced that next year they will spend as much as £250,000 per aircraft in order to provide the fastest Wifi connections for long-haul flight passengers.

By retrofitting planes with next generation satellite technology, soon passengers on 118 of BA’s fleet could soon be streaming music on Spotify, making calls on FaceTime, and watching Netflix.

As part of a deal struck between BA’s parent company International Airlines Group (IAG)  and tech firm Gogo, plans could cost as much as £30 million overall. However, many of the details of the plan are yet to be confirmed.

It is thought that the service will be offered free to passengers, with additional fees for premium services and connections.

Some other airlines can already boast in-flight Wifi, however, currently only 3 of BA’s jets offer the service.

“We believe this will be the best Wi-Fi on international flights anywhere,” claimed Willie Walsh, IAG Chief Executive, adding it will “be exactly as if you’re connected to Wi-Fi in your house.”


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