David Schwimmer backs NSPCC’s ‘Child’s House’

During the NSPCC’s How Safe conference, multitalented Hollywood Actor, producer, director and comedian David Schwimmer talked seriously about his position as Director of the Rape Foundation Board, Stuart House; saying he was “ honoured to take part in the NSPCC’s annual How Safe conference, and to support the urgent fight for the creation of more comprehensive Child Advocacy centres in the U.K.”


NSPCC’s new campaign, ‘Child’s house’, aims to support sexually abused children by providing the needed services in one place. These “Child’s Houses” are being also supported by NHS England and are focused on giving victims the ability “to access the services they need in a child-focused environment” as well as having a “psychologist on hand to help with police interviews”

In parts of Scandinavia, there are already similar schemes which again offer a video link which is used for a “child’s cross-examination for an ensuing trial”. There is research that all this helps reduce the stress and trauma of testifying. Peter Wanless, Chief Executive of NSPCC goes on to say “Children who have suffered sexual abuse are the most vulnerable in society. However the services these children need to recover – and to help bring their perpetrator to justice – are often delivered in buildings designed for adults. This causes additional stress and anxiety to an already traumatised child.”

The NSPCC’s other campaign “It’s Time” is also working to offer support and therapeutical help especially as “a survey last year revealed that more than one in five children referred to specialist NHS mental health services- including abuse victims- had their cases rejected.” Both campaigns are focusing on the child’s recovery.


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