#OrderOrder campaign to mark Houses of Parliament summer opening

The Houses of Parliament have launched a major campaign highlighting that the Houses of Parliament are open to the public between 26 July and 3 September 2016.

To promote the annual summer opening of Parliament, members of the public were given the unique opportunity to photograph and sit on a replica House of Commons green benches in one of London’s major stations, Victoria Station.

Parliament urged commuters and visitors to show their support for the #OrderOrder campaign via social media, inviting people to take selfies on the bench. Images will be shared on Twitter throughout the day via @VisitParliament.

The green bench was in Victoria Station all day on Tuesday 26 July, where members of the public could sit on the famous symbol of parliament.

© UK Parliament/Mark Duffy
© UK Parliament/Mark Duffy

The green benches of the House of Commons were designed by Giles Gilbert Scott when rebuilding the Commons, following the Second World War. Commons benches have been green for at least three hundred, to contrast with the House of Lords’ red benches.

The #OrderOrder campaign is designed to show Parliament as open to the public, hopefully welcoming people into the historic Houses.



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