EU releases €1.4 billion for Turkey to care for Syrian refugees

The European Commission has released €1.4 billion to help Turkey to care for its population of Syrian Refugees, specifically financing health and education.

Delivering on its commitment to “speed up the implementation of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey”, the newly released funds now bring the Commission’s total up to €2 billion.

By adopting a ‘Special Measure’ under the ‘Facility for Refugees in Turkey’, the Commission’s EU-Turkey Statement of 18 March and has since then already mobilised €2.155 billion out of foreseen €3 billion for this and next year.

Support for refugees in Turkey will primarily be spent in the areas of “education, health, municipal and social infrastructure, and socio-economic support.” In addition, a further €79 million of previously allocated funds for humanitarian aid projects have been contracted to a number of partners, including UN agencies, international organisations as well as international NGOs.

The ‘Facility for Refugees in Turkey’ was created to respond to the European Council’s call for “significant additional funding to support refugees in Turkey,” and has a budget of €3 billion for 2016-2017. €1 billion comes directly from the EU budget, with the remaining €2 billion paid for by EU Member States.


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